Some say, as long as you live

There must be a trip without delay

And this trip

Must go to Tibet


To go to Tibet

That’s like 10 trips

A trip to Tibet is equivalent to 10 trips

Along the way, you will encounter Lhasa, the land of faith

On the mysterious wings of the snowy mountains

Explore the mystery of Tibet, ali to the west of Tibet

Plateau shenhu yanghu, namco

A trip to Tibet is equivalent to 10 trips

Here has cangyang gyatso vast world

Loving cattle and sheep

There is no noisy downtown here, only the most pure natural beauty.

Here is a land full of spirituality. Every mountain and river is endowed with divinity.

A trip to Tibet is equivalent to 10 trips

Dream as a horse, poetry wine while time

No, not enough

The higher ideal of life is to walk on this land personally

Never been to ali, what are you talking about Tibet with?

There is the plateau above the plateau, is the mystery of mystery, is far after the far.

Ali is Tibet of Tibet. On the distant horizon, and near the soul.

Where the sky is vast and the earth vast; Every picture, are in the sigh of life’s smallness, nature’s broadness!

There are majestic white sacred mountains, blue ethereal holy lake; Every moment, all freeze the most primitive beauty of Tibet!

There are soaring eagles and running antelopes; Each figure, is the world’s most free spirit!

Entering this land, as if time to the flow of a million years, just like entering the prehistoric chaos did not open the world, the heart left only piety and awe.


Covered in snow and ice all year round, it glows in the sun and is oddly shaped and beautiful, unlike the surrounding peaks.

Kangrinboqe is the end of the pilgrimage where all tibetans kowtow and kneel down all the way. It is said that one round of walking around the mountain can wash away all SINS in one’s life, ten rounds of turning around the mountain can relieve the suffering of hell in five hundred reincarnations, and 108 rounds of turning around the mountain can become Buddha at the moment of enlightenment.

Lake Manasorovar

To the south of Kangrinboqe is Lake Manasorovar, a stunning natural setting that has been considered by buddhists and benedictines since ancient times as the “center of the world”.

Its vastness, tranquility and clarity alone are enough to shock anyone who trudges along the way.


Himalayas, which means “hometown of snow” in Tibetan, boasts the highest and most typical features: steep and jagged peaks on one side, breathtaking valleys and mountain glaciers, and unfathomable river gorges.

It is the highest mountain range in the world, with more than 110 peaks rising to or above 7,350 meters.


The main peak, Kangrinboqe, is like a king’s dragon bed, surrounded by its subjects. The legend of marlboro mountain in the east is the mountain visited by Buddha sakyamuni, with tara in the west, wisdom goddess peak in the south and the mountain of dharma god in the north.

It rises too high to reach; Cold, keep the soul xiangxiong kingdom treasure.

Karakoram has more and longer glaciers than anywhere else in the world, except in the polar regions.

Majestic, vast atmosphere, standing on the northwest side of the qinghai-tibet plateau.

Qiangtang national park,

Qiangtang national park is the largest national park with the highest altitude and the most typical species in China. There are numerous rare and endangered wild animals and their good habitats such as Tibetan antelope, wild yak, Tibetan wild donkey, snow leopard and so on.

Endless desolate wasteland, dotted with lakes, here few people, hundreds of miles without smoke, is a paradise for wild animals.

If you don’t want to leave regret for your life, then this life to go to Tibet ali!

Yamdrok Lake

Yamdrok Lake’s starry sky is reflected in the water, while ali night park’s starry sky is reflected in the eyes. Whether there is a date or not, romance is not absent.