Magical, or unexpected, after the arrival of Lhasa, Tibet, again and again. I don’t know if it’s my fault or my fate. Or his will? All my previous actions were arranged by him. What’s wrong with acting alone this time?

It was too late to reach Lhasa. According to the information asked in advance, to visit the potala palace to advance booking tickets. On the bus let our boys contact the local guide for tickets. The news that the result elder brother son returns is: the person that visits cloth palace recently is few, need not make an appointment in advance. Too good. We waited in peace to go straight to the cloth palace the next day.

Budara in the rain

During the night, it rained the most heavily on our westward journey. At six o ‘clock in the morning, in the heavy rain, we lined up at the gate, waiting to be the first to go in. Good. We’re in the top 15. Because the rest of the trip depends on when you get out of the cloth palace. Rain, still heavy. It was dark and cold. The umbrella is of no use. The storm jacket won’t stand the long rain. His shoes were already wet, and he stepped on a puddle of water. The early stall in front of the gate opened, and we took turns to eat to keep out the cold. Things are more expensive, an egg a small bowl of porridge, ten yuan. It’s less expensive than cold.


At 8:40, the reservation window opened. We were stupid to get the reservation. Tomorrow morning at nine o ‘clock. And our tickets for tomorrow are already booked. How to do? Discussed with the staff for a while, the others ignore. Since we’re not too busy, how about for our trouble and soaking? No, the rules are in. With the booking tickets, we went to the travel agency, hoping to “work around” the problem. It is said that it can be “flexible” most of the time. But we missed the “flexibility” part. If the reservation ticket is not taken out, yes. It’s taken out. There’s no chance. Within a few days the same id card can not get the reservation ticket.

Incredibly, we arrive Lhasa like this, but can’t enter cloth palace? No, nothing. The rain is still falling and shows no sign of abating. At the travel agency, a woman told us to come tomorrow. Today I will go to drepung monastery to see the Buddha. Today, the shoton festival, drepung temple Buddha is very famous.

The famous three white towers

No wonder. I saw a lot of slogans yesterday. It was the opening ceremony of the shoton festival. How did we happen to enter Lhasa at the shoton festival? The shoton festival is one of the major festivals in Tibet. Tibetans attach as much importance to this festival as they do to the Chinese New Year. One of the highlights of the shoton festival is the Buddha at drepung monastery.

About the Buddha, I once read a book about it. Every year, famous temples in Tibet and its surrounding areas, such as bu gong, tashilhunpo temple and tal temple in xining, all have activities to burn Buddha. Every temple is a grand ceremony to burn Buddha. I looked at the sky, looked at the rain that showed no signs of stopping, and asked the lady: today sun Buddha? Fixed and unchangeable? Even in the rain? The man looked at me and smiled. She said: tell you, to the time to sun Buddha, the rain will stop. So amazing?

Did not enter the cloth palace regret, instantly washed away. We immediately decided to go to drepung monastery. It’s still early. Let’s have a good time outside the palace. Find the location on the back of 50 yuan, pack the cat and draw the tiger. Go to the big square across the street and find the location of his picture in a year or two. The rain washed away the traces of him I wanted to feel. I stood there, thinking a question: since I can’t get in, am I doomed to come back?

Fifty dollars back view

In fact, I knew all about the interior of the cloth palace in the spring of a year. When he rode here that year, he brought back as many pictures as he could, as well as vivid descriptions. The photos are still there, and the sounds and situations are still in my ears. So not into the cloth palace is not the reason I did not come. If possible, I would take another trip along his G318. Opportunity is needed. Need to wait. Need me enough mood.

Near drepung monastery, traffic and people increased significantly. There were many policemen to keep order. According to their instructions, our car went round somewhere. Get off and ask for the distance. Walk at least three kilometers to drepung monastery. How to do? Rain, high anti sisters, holding the child, can see the Buddha question mark…… It was a long way up the hill. We were out of breath after a long walk. Reason tells us that we are unlikely to reach drepung. Drepung monastery is a huge temple, known as “ricks” by local people. It can be seen that the white Tibetan architecture of drepung monastery should cover the whole mountain. Is usually play, is not small labor. We can’t squeeze out the believers. Leave.

Before jokhang temple after rain

This retreat, directly retreated to barkhor street. Barkhor street, many shops are closed because of the shoton festival. Many believers and tourists may have gone to drepung temple. The whole barkhor street, the whole jokhang temple, rare people less. Shoton festival, meaning yogurt. The earliest shoton festival, held only among temples, was a purely religious festival. For the love of life, the monks of the temple, during the festival half a month can not go out, afraid to step on the insects and other living things. Half a month later, the Tibetan people to yogurt condolences, gradually formed a festival with the people with joy. Yogurt is an indispensable necessity in Tibetan life. Named the festival after yogurt. Yogurt is associated with the greatest buddhist activity.

We don’t have access to the drepung monastery, so drink yogurt to show our participation. As long as the heart is sincere, where is not bodhi? What’s more, before noon, the rain stopped and the sun came out! Amazing, isn’t it? Sincerity or Buddha spirit?