You only know that sichuan food is ravishing people, but do not know that western sichuan has a shocking beauty:

Because there are many places of practice in the world, and seda has only one.

Because here has “the water blue planet on the last piece of pure land” — daocheng yading, come don’t want to leave.

Because there are “Chinese Alps” – four girls mountain, sea of clouds and sunrise enough to let you drunk.

cars only

The motherland is such a big land

Although there is only one Tibet

But there is a place more attractive than Tibet!

Its altitude is not as high as that of Tibet

Sacred mountains and lakes are equally holy and blue

It may not be as religious as Tibet

In the eyes of the practitioner, it is still sincere and moving

It’s not as far away as Tibet

Everyone can get there easily

It’s west sichuan

A spoiled place by god!

Travelers who have been here

From then on suffered from a kind of called “west sichuan” lovesickness

It has almost all the most beautiful natural scenery

Snow mountains, haizi, alpine lakes, primeval forests

It has all the travel you want


West sichuan, a beautiful private village

If you come to the west of sichuan, you must fall in love with every village here, they have their own unique scenery, if the world is not too complicated, you must want to live here.

Xindu bridge: the world of light and shadow

Here is a picturesque, golden leaves of cypress poplar, vast grassland, rolling mountains, all the places like the sun cast magic, as far as the eye, are intoxicating.

More than 10 kilometers along the xindu bridge is called “photographer’s corridor”. A typical Tibetan village is scattered along the highway, with yaks and sheep interspersed, vivid and leisurely.

There is also a lavender valley, which is extremely beautiful

Litang: choose a city in the sky

Litang, which is 4,014 meters above sea level, is one of the highest counties in the world, surrounded by mountains over 5,800 meters above sea level, such as mount gnie and mount shoza.

Cang Yang gyatso wrote a poem for it: white crane, please lend me your wings. Do not fly far away places, to litang a turn and fly back.

Historical records, cangyang gyatso died did not come to litang. The amorous poet, who had been delayed by his spiritual practice, was said to have died on the distant road to Beijing after finishing this poem.

Daocheng yading: the last shangri-la

Have never been to the people, because of a photo, will be fascinated, have been to the people, only a glance, and then love do not forget.

Winding up along the winding mountain road, a high mountain cloud shrouded, until yading village, suddenly in front of a snow mountain… Clouds to see the moment always remember the heart.

Seda: the red faith

If “life if only such as first see”, meet her at first glance, must make you reluctant to forget, across the mountains, the continuous spread of red, in the sun shine.

In seda, as far as the eye can see, the lamas and nuns in oar red robes come and go, the air is full of peaceful atmosphere, looking for a quiet heart.

That I, turn mountains turn water turn pagoda, not to repair the afterlife, only to meet you on the way. If there is an afterlife, please allow me a period of time, before you sit, listen to a buddhist voice, a sigh.

Baomei: mountain meadow

On the western sichuan plateau, the varied earth and stone forests, extensive meadows, undulating snow-capped mountains and charming Tibetan villages constitute an excellent romantic painting.

Baomei town downhill on the north road, 110 kilometers on the asphalt road to danba, 30 kilometers along the road is known as the “east valley natural bonsai scenic area”, with the wheel mark, measure the length of life.

Damba: Tibetan style

Danba Tibetan village is the first of the six most beautiful rural ancient towns in China. When you come here in spring, you will encounter a romantic and beautiful pear village, white pear flower, red and white Tibetan house, with blue sky, white clouds, green trees and green mountains as the background, which makes you think you have entered a paradise.

The village of mosca is like a poetic habitat, where herders live isolated and poetic lives, where you can bump into marmots and watch them cute, which is definitely one of the greatest pleasures of the trip.

If autumn comes, the autumn color of party ridge can give you shock absolutely, the cascade of cascade of colour forest of all over the mountains and fields spreads, time is sufficient, sit here a long time, it is to enjoy.

Miyaro: red leaves

Miyaro, translated in Tibetan as “playful bazi”. In the golden autumn, maple, birch, goose-palm, larch and other trees in the dense forests along the Banks of the zig-zag river valley are gradually frosted and their leaves become a vivid scarlet and golden color.

At this time, wanshan red, layers of forest dyeing, more than 3,000 square kilometers of red leaves, such as spring flowers in full bloom, red waves, golden flow Dan, constitute a fascinating picture of the autumn.

County: natural humanities

The red douyin fuyun ranch, right here, it is not a scenic spot, but a hotel built in the mountains, the reason is called “fuyun ranch”, you will know that the sea of clouds every day, always changing, fantasy is not good.

Living with your lover in the middle of a sea of clouds is romantic beyond words.

If you love hiking, then, you can go to bipeng ditch, which is known as a small nine-walled village. The sun shines on the valley, the yellow leaves hang all over the branches, the sky is still the same blue, snow mountains one after another, continuous, clearly visible.


West sichuan, a collection of grasslands and lakes

A place with grasslands and lakes seems to have a soul, more clever and more reason to attract everyone.

Mugutso: the sky is high and the clouds are wide

Mugcuo is also known as “wild man sea”, a day at four, morning and evening different days. Early in the morning, the fog locks the sea, and the clouds like silver dragon roll over the water, showing the moving scenery of “two fogs falling into the sea”.

Afternoon breeze refers to the surface, the sea “no wind three chi wave, rolling a thousand piles of snow”, the afternoon around haizi beach presents a dazzling golden yellow.

Heluo gully: green sea glacier

Go to hai luo ditch, must see red stone beach, here the red stone area is wide, the color is bright red, along the valley continuous, magnificent momentum.

Every stone on the glacier bank was covered with a red coat, and the red stones piled up on both sides of the river turned into a flowing red, accompanying the clear water downstream. If you go between October and November, you will find red leaves all along the way.

Hailuogou glacier is the highest and most spectacular glacier waterfall ever discovered in China. It reaches 6 kilometers deep into the virgin forest, forming a wonder of co-existence of glacier and forest. Seen from afar, it is extremely spectacular as it pours down from the sky.

Takong grassland: white pagoda golden hall

Wild flowers are in full blossom along the road of tagong. Occasionally, there are tents with blue patterns on white background on the green grass, and there may be yaks, horses or sheep grazing leisurely in the field. Your mood will become bright and random.

Ta gong temple is an important part of ta gong grassland. On the mountain, there are numerous triangle-shaped or quadrangle banners composed of mani prayer flags, fluttering in the wind and dense. Although various colors have lost their former beauty in the wind and rain, they do not affect the devotion of tibetans.


West sichuan, give you courage to scale new heights

The so-called “shu road is difficult, difficult to go up to the sky”, probably in the west sichuan drive, hiking is very can feel, go forward, never retreat, this is the place that travel can bring us courage.

Polymountain: nine twists and eighteen turns

As a local saying goes, “a mountain that frightens the dead is Erlang mountain. Polymountain is worthy of the name “nine curves and 18 turns”, is also the first mountain on the sichuan-tibet line has the challenge, the driver friends must be careful to drive.

In the mountain pass of jiaduo mountain, one can look out over gongga snow mountain, with clouds under the blue sky and mist wreathing.

Four girls mountain: Chinese Alps

She is called “queen of shu mountain”, the charming and beautiful appearance of beautiful unsurpassed, let countless people propitiate at its foot.

Different from other majestic and proud peaks, siguniang mountain has become a paradise for many outdoor sports people due to its unique terrain, climate and beautiful scenery.

Balang mountain: a feast of clouds

The majestic mountain range of the barang mountains is divided into two parts, on the top is the alpine meadow of wild flowers, on the bottom is the mysterious and deep primeval forest.

Here the scenery is magnificent, perennial white snow, thin oxygen, but it is easy to meet the sea of clouds, the vast clouds transpiration roll, waves.


West sichuan, faith has always been there

Not only is there a beautiful scenery, but there is also a belief in the west of sichuan. Tibet is far away, while the west of sichuan is near.

Kohl temple: beyond the world

Keer temple on the mountain, high and low scattered, distinct levels, the main hall of the Buddha house is located in the middle and high temple, the body is towering, climb up, give a person to see the sky, dust to god feeling.

If you go early in the morning, you may see hundreds of monks doing morning classes and debating scriptures together.

Yachin temple: secret and pure

Every morning or evening, smoke filled the air, the river glistened with gold, and the sound of chanting came from far away in the wind.

If you are tired of the hustle and bustle of the city, it is better to come here to listen to the chanting, it can pull your thoughts to the distance, for a moment, all the worldly things can be left behind.


Western sichuan has different seasons

Spring has flowers

All say “fireworks under yangzhou in March”, but she in March, but can be compared to the south of the Great Wall! Coming all the way from chengdu, you can experience the terraced landscape of flowers from the plain to the plateau.

Danba pear flower

Tower of male prairie

Summer is cool

The fairy tale mystery of western sichuan, the average summer only 18℃, here a comfortable summer.

DaoChengYa butyl


Autumn is red

In the crisp autumn season, it is the best time to enjoy the red leaves on foot. Looking at the leaves all over the mountains and the colors reflected in the water, it is hard not to be intoxicated.


Never put off till tomorrow what you can shed ditch

Winter with snow

No snow winter is not complete, white world, belongs to all the carnival.

Dagu glacier


This is west sichuan, but it’s not just west sichuan

When you come to sichuan west, you will love here

Take a vacation

Let’s go to west sichuan which is closer than Tibet