Jul – blooming ruoergai and oermaitang

It arouses the impulse of many people to see the sea of flowers in western sichuan

Curling smoke from cooking fires

Melodious singing, simple smile

Gorgeous flowers bloom to their hearts’ content

Everything was beautiful beyond measure

Some partners say that the United States is beautiful, but there are too many people

Play very restrained, take photos not open

West sichuan is so big

What other niche flowers are worth visiting?

Ready! I found you the following places

Think about it. Let’s go!

Chill out the sea of flowers

As the first snow mountain on national highway 317, the partridge mountain is the lowest tone of a snow mountain!

Compared to the 318 Erlang mountain, it is rarely mentioned, but this season is beautiful enough high-profile!

In addition to be crowned “small northeast” outside the name, it is in alternate spring and summer when also be an altitude of more than 4000 meters, flowers bloom countless green grass ying ying mountain.

Here belongs to the unique and most primitive natural beauty of high altitude, high altitude scenery beautiful!

Shuttle in the sea of flowers meadow, mixed with the fragrance of grass, color, aroma and taste characteristics of SLATE barbecue to a, youziyouwei, ba shi!

Aba lavender

Some time ago, xindu bridge aromatherapy valley, the highest altitude of the lavender tourism base, I do not know to attract a lot of people to clock!

In July, the lavender in aba is blooming slowly! A sea of lavender

The lavender in aba is mainly in yangliu village, taiping town, maoxian county and chuanzhu temple, songpan county

Yangliu village has a small scale of only 20 mu, but it is full of qiang people’s charm. The simple and elegant qiang people live in the sea of flowers

The appearance level of songpan is not the sacred land within the sichuan main temple flower sea can not! The western sichuan “provence garden” fully 3,300 acres of purple, constitute the aba nine ring line on the charming scenery ~

Wind blowing petals like the waves of the sea, a random shot of this year’s mobile phone wallpaper still worry?

Under the pursuit

The muya holy land in kangding is called the “G318 first Buddha’s light cloud sea flower land”. The ten thousand mu grassland flower sea can meet your need to run and shoot a big picture!

Not called what prairie flower sea, specially takes a literary extremely name “flower sea track”, the distant qunfeng becomes a screen, the nearby flower sea becomes a side, the wild flowers spread this prairie into the color carpet! Can you find any more traces?

In addition to the sea of flowers, you can also look at the Buddha light cloud sea, take all the Milky Way, go to the century-old temple through the corridor pray, experience the extreme speed of the steep slope grass slide, absolutely exciting!

Keeping a mountain

July nine ding mountain flowers have opened into the sea! It is rated as “one of the top ten most beautiful non-famous mountains in China” by national geographic magazine.

In summer, there is no shortage of wildflowers in the plateau, and it is rainy and sunny all year round, which is similar to the geomorphologic conditions of the alpine wetlands, creating a unique scenery different from other highland flower seas, stretching for several kilometers and hundreds of thousands of mu of flowers.

Every year from June to July, azaleas, primroses, irises, asters, larklards, artemisia ma, artemisia green, Tibetan Pygmalion, etc., countless wildflowers bloom successively at different altitudes.

3800 meters above sea level, the black dragon pool, set in the concave, fog contraction, sunny wave ying ying, with the pool side flowers and plants, minutes brush burst circle of friends ~ camping under the stars, you can!

Jinchuan yunding flower sea

Jinchuan yunding flower sea is very small! Flower sea at the top of the mountain, surrounded by mountains on three sides, climb to the top of the time only to find that it was worth the trip! Mountain flowers in full bloom, billowing clouds ~ want to play a roll

Lying up early in the flowers to see the sunrise, at night looking west sichuan stars, no wonder the poet mu xi also wrote a song to ta, quite wonderful! It is the perfect place for outdoor exploration, camping and camping!

Can you think of it? Such a beautiful walk, actually do not want tickets! While there is no one, go and enjoy the fun! Experience digging fritillary, riding horse and burning bonfire by pheasant.

Archo-valley rape flower

The rapeseed season is long gone, and fresh rapeseed oil may already be on the table. But in aba county, July is the main theme of rape.

Thousands of mu of rapeseed flowers in the aqu river valley are like a golden sea, silently opening around the ancient Tibetan village, front and back houses of folk houses, and beside the riverside, without disturbing others.

Zaxi ka grassland flower sea

Zaxi ka, a large grassland in sichuan province, is located in the “world high city” shiqu county, which is 4200 meters above sea level.

Every year from June to September is the most beautiful time of zaxi ka, is also “play bazi” season.

Grassland flowers enjoy the dance, no matter you are red and white dress or hidden han fu, running to the sky or quietly walk, the flower sea grassland can not hold!

The famous flowers

Lugu lake has a fiery “easy virtue,” beauty into a monet painting ~ in xichang qionghai lake, nymphoides blossomed, pieces of yellow flowers together and form a piece of yellow flowers, attracted tourists have punch!

Open flower piece nymphoides floating in the lake qionghai lake, slender stalks graceful, light yellow petals, such as weak dressed in a sheer organza, smoke like fog to modify the lake

Unexpectedly in qionghai lake also can encounter described in the book of songs “jagged nymphoides” scene, unity in full bloom, very impressive

Don’t always stay at home to see travel pictures, July flowers gorgeous, go out to embrace nature!