About travel, must not owe themselves, even if they are a person.

When you’re tired, go for a walk.

Looking for a place, in the name of quiet, live a few days, see the mountains, see the water, the sun……

Do not think of trifles, do not go to the work, with the former naive, back the former curiosity, through the streets, feel the life of the small beautiful.

Qianhu Miao Village

Singing and sitting on the moon, in the thousands of miao villages, it can always give you a completely different cultural travel experience.

Early in the morning, there are idle clouds, kingfisher throat, evening, the sunset, the terrace picturesque, at night, the lights, like stars like the moon, every minute every second, is so amazing.

Lugu Lake

People who like Lugu Lake can’t go there enough times.

Living in a wooden house, seeing the lake, the blue sky, the flying seagulls, the colorful pig-trough boats, and the cool wind will make people happy.


Not only are ginkgo biloba everywhere, but the hot spring is one of the most comfortable ways to open it.

Take a dip in the hot spring, wash away your fatigue, let your whole life go, walk the courtyard, and then wander aimlessly, that is also good.

Dege County

Dege County is the core area of kangba Tibetan culture. Here is the hometown of king gesar. There are brisk highland winds, colorful prayer flags, and withered leaves floating down…

It is said that Buddhism can calm the heart, basking in the warm sun, quietly looking at the monks efforts and carefully printed a page of scripture, the silent action, as if with all kinds of peace, quiet leisurely.

Daocheng County

If you are alone, then you should go to Daocheng County. If you are waiting for someone, then you should also go to Daocheng County.

Daocheng County is beautiful. The wind and clouds here all have a different feeling. When the yellow leaves are falling like rain with golden light, at that moment, even the gods and buddhas in the sky will be agitated and stay there.


It is said that the higher the altitude, the cleaner the sky is, the purer the scenery is.

The dance is accompanied by each tajik, and every November is the marriage season of the tajik people, and during this time, the eagle flute, the dance, is the brightest scene in the sky.


Pingyao is like a dream that lasts for thousands of years. Even though the years are flowing, as long as you carefully taste it, its unique style will definitely make you fall in love with it.

Old street of blue brick, old wall of gray tile, you may disrelish it commercialize, but in the corner that you cannot see, no matter wind and rain, always have destined scenery, waiting to meet with you in beautiful evening.


Although its spring, summer, autumn and winter scenery is different, but at this time it is absolutely the most stunning scenery.

Snow White, snow rime like dream, the United States such as fairy tale snow house, here, it’s every corner, are enviable scenery.

Yu Beng

Hidden in the heart of meili snow mountain, Yu Beng has different scenery in different seasons, but it is always beautiful.

Occasionally take a few days time, send a stay here, act a step, tired sit in the yard to see all over the sky cloud, bright stars, it must be very comfortable.


Located in the southeast of Taiwan, taitung is the third largest county in Taiwan after Hualien and nantou counties.

During the day, I watch the Pacific Ocean by myself quietly. At night, I go to the night market to find all kinds of delicious snacks. The quiet atmosphere makes everyone here feel relaxed.

Stop and go. If you’re tired, take a few days off and go for a walk.

Even if do nothing, just quietly in a daze, I believe it will give you a different travel experience.

Every year, everyone should have a leisurely trip to do nothing. Are you ready?