Nyingchi has beautiful mountains and waters in the south of the Yangtze river as well as numerous monasteries of Tibetan Buddhism and bon religion. In nyingchi, scenery and culture coexist.

“There is a clear Basum Lake in nyingchi, a beautiful lamasinghe temple, beautiful nyingchi, which I miss day and night. The trees are irrigated, and it is a rich place,” wangm sings in the song. Linzhi, there is no shortage of scenic spots…

Here you can meet the only natural 5A scenic spot in Tibet.

It is ten times more low-key than namco, but the lake and mountains are extremely beautiful. It is the most beautiful paradise on earth in China, integrating snow mountains, forests, pastures and ancient temples.

Basum Lake, the only natural 5A scenic spot in Tibet

Basum Lake\ snowy mountains, lakes, forests, waterfalls and pastures, cultural relics and historic sites, scenic spots and ancient temples, which were just rated as national 5A scenic spots this year, have different scenery and four different seasons. With the collection of rare wild plants, Basum Lake is actually a paradise on earth and has the reputation of “little Switzerland”.

Here, you can meet the most beautiful town on national highway G318.

In addition, it is also a national tourist resort, a demonstration area for the establishment of national famous brands of Tibetan cultural eco-tourism and a Chinese sports and leisure town. It was like a place where the gods lived.

LuLang town, the most beautiful town on the sichuan-tibet line

LuLang town has long been a famous sight on national highway 318. In this small town, there is a mirror-like lake on one side, and Tibetan buildings with mountains and rivers on the other side. The dotted pattern is like a peaceful and beautiful “mountain residence map”, which is the town of lu lang.

Yarlung zangbu grand canyon, the deepest and longest canyon in China

The deepest yarlung zangbu grand canyon reaches more than 6000 meters, which can be said how big it is. Since the demonstration of yarlung zangbu grand canyon in 1994, yarlung zangbu grand canyon has rolled over the American grand canyon with a depth of 2133 meters and a length of 370km, and the corca grand canyon in Peru with a depth of 3203 and a length of 90km.

No matter from the length, or the deepest, the Brahmaputra river with rolling posture to ascend the first.

Namcha barwa, the most beautiful mountain in China

Namcha barwa, named by China national geographic as “the most beautiful mountain in China”, is a name card of nyingchi’s most beautiful appearance. The height difference of more than 5,000 meters is shocking.

Namcha barwa’s intact vertical distribution of plants from white snow to tropical landscapes on the south slope is the main reason for its “most beautiful mountain in China” title.

Midui Glacier, the most beautiful Glacier in China

Midui Glacier is located in bomi county, nyingchi prefecture. It is just at the junction of nyingqing tanggula mountain and berchula ridge. Here, glaciers, lakes, farmland, villages, forests and so on melt together.

Spruce forest, the most beautiful forest in China

Bemei spruce forest was chosen by national geographic as the top 10 most beautiful forests in China, making it the only forest in Tibet.

From the air, we can see the most beautiful forests in China. We marvel at the beauty of the interwoven forests and lakes.

China’s largest peach blossom valley – bodui peach blossom valley

The world really has three living three ten miles of peach blossom scene? That is linzhi, the largest peach blossom valley in China.

The peach blossom valley of bodui, which covers an area of 40 to 50 kilometers, was named “the largest peach blossom valley in China” by ginis headquarters in Shanghai in November 2016.

This is a gentle years waiting for the place, white holy eyes, green green coagulation bi, blue refreshing… If you want to know what jiangnan looks like in Tibet, I will tell you