Go to Lhasa, meet the beautiful scenery, feel only belong to their own another quiet and beautiful

Lhasa, an ancient but mysterious city, is said by many to be a city that can make people dizzy. One reason is that the altitude of Lhasa is nearly 3,700 meters, and it is easy for newcomers to feel dizzy due to lack of oxygen. Another reason is that it has a history as long as 1300 years, which makes people feel a strong religious atmosphere and a heavy sense of history. It is full of magnificent palaces, and the natural landscape is also very eye-catching, which makes people easily intoxicated in the beautiful scenery.

Over the years, Lhasa, with its unique classical and simple atmosphere, has given people a dreamlike enjoyment, so it is not only the capital and cultural and political center of Tibet, but also the most desirable tourist destination for many tourists. Today let us discuss together, how to go to Lhasa this beautiful city a good tour.

When is the best time to visit Lhasa?

As we all know, the precipitation in Lhasa is as high as 200~ 500mm every year. The highest temperature is 28 degrees, while the lowest temperature is 14 degrees below zero. The temperature difference is very large.

The best time to visit is during the May Day holiday, when the local climate is warm and humid. There will be neither too much rain to prevent travel, nor too much heat to make people sick.

How is the most convenient way to Lhasa?

The most recommended means of transportation to Lhasa is of course the plane, you can choose to arrive at Lhasa’s international square, gongga airport. In here and Beijing, Shanghai, guangzhou and other big cities are between the routes, very convenient. The second point to note is that there are no buses in Lhasa, only the small buses that stop at any time on the street, and the ticket price is about two yuan, the order is very good, a bit like the buses we usually take.

In addition, there are a lot of rental companies in Lhasa. The rental of jeep is only 3 to 4 yuan per kilometer, and the chartered car has another discount. So you can choose to rent a car. Although Lhasa is a very small city, it has about 1500 taxis, so it is a good choice to take a taxi in the city. When you get on the bus, you need to talk with the driver about the price, which is usually around 10 yuan in the city.

Where is the best place to stay in Lhasa?

When you plan to travel to Lhasa, you must choose a hotel in advance, because if you go to the local area to choose a hotel, at this time you are likely to spend a lot of physical energy due to altitude sickness, so the best thing is to find a suitable hotel before departure.

Here to recommend the local characteristics of Tibetan hotels, more refreshing, the price of these hotels are usually between 200 yuan, the price is relatively very preferential. You can experience the local architecture here, so if you don’t have a budget and want to experience the local life, you can choose to stay in this tibetan-style hotel.

What is the best place to visit in Lhasa?

When I first came to Tibet, I had to go to the potala palace, which is a huge palace, covering an area of more than 360,000 square meters. Therefore, it takes a lot of time to visit the potala palace, but it is worth it. You can spend more time on this scenic spot, because in the palace there are a lot of statues, murals, sutras and all kinds of antiques and so on, with high artistic value, absolutely can’t miss oh. It is best to take some professional shooting tools when you go, because it has many small scenic spots are very worthy of taking photos, very ethnic characteristics, can be said to be one of the holy land.

The second stop you can choose to go to barkhor street. It was built for the jokhang temple, but now it is a famous center for tourist goods, which means you can buy many handicrafts with Tibetan characteristics, which are well made and inexpensive. There are also a few buildings in bajiao street that are still in their original state, so you can visit some of the local royal gardens, buddhist debating grounds, etc. There are also some old mansions that are worth visiting, and the Tibetan atmosphere of the whole street makes it worth visiting.

The third stop is namtso. Namtso, you must have heard of it, is one of the three great wittmang lakes, is a famous buddhist shrine, so many believers call it tianhu, linghu and even shenhu. Namtso always give a person the sense with mysterious and noble, it is caused by the Himalayan movement and sag, lakeside now has a large piece of plain, there are many high quality forage grass, so will cause a lot of wild ducks fly reproduction here, if you are to go to summer, you will see a large group of wild ducks, fly across the plain, spectacle.

Of course, here is a note to remind everyone, if you did not have a rest in Lhasa for a week, then do not plan to go to namtso, because if you do not pay enough attention to the rapid elevation of 1100 meters, you will have very uncomfortable altitude sickness. Especially some cardiovascular disease friends had better be according to the doctor’s advice, appropriate adjustments can be made.

Lhasa, mysterious but broad, it with the buddhist humble attitude to accommodate every visitor, if you want to enjoy the blue sky and grassland quietly, then go to Lhasa.