The Potala Palace is a Palace where people can see the Potala Palace. Before you have not been to you are yearning, after you have been to you are fascinated, this place is called “Tibet”. The Potala Palace, Jokhang, yarlung zangbo grand canyon, namtso lake, Yang lake and other famous “Tibetan landmarks” are must-see places to visit in Tibet.

Tibet to big wide climate around the difference is larger, in general, is the best time to visit Tibet in March, between October, if divided into Tibet scenery line, from the time the three, is a good time to go to Tibet to see peach blossom in April, may and June when can see Tibet pure evil god valley, go to south to see red leaves in September and October.

The Potala Palace

The east and west sides of the Potala Palace main building extend downward to meet the tall Palace walls. The palace wall is 6 meters high, 4.4 meters wide at the bottom and 2.8 meters wide at the top. A three-story gateway on the east, south and west sides, and a turret on the southeast and northwest corners. The perimeter of the Palace walls all belonged to the Potala Palace. A magnificent building looks beautiful from a distance.

The pearl of the Potala Palace, snow area plateau, Tibetan Buddhism holy land, architectural art, treasure of the ashes of the legend, the majestic, magnificent plateau temple, with its vigorous played an extensive and profound Tibetan culture and the buddhist faith, infection with visitors, friends, all worship, stop annoys on its feet. The Potala Palace is no longer a pure Palace, but a symbol of the embodiment of faith, the spirit, from the Potala Palace in hongshan is mercy kwan-yin, dojo in the consciousness of the buddhist, the existence of it, like a bodhisattva in (Tibetan Potala, meaning avalokitesvara residence), worship the Potala Palace, can change the future.


Jokhang is a Tibetan buddhist temple in the center of the old city of Lhasa. It was built by the king of Tibet, songtsan gambo. The reason why Lhasa has the reputation of “holy land” is related to this Buddha statue. The temple was originally called “yassa”, which later became the name of the city and evolved into the modern “Lhasa”. After the completion of Jokhang, it has been modified and expanded in the yuan, Ming and qing dynasties. The circle of sakyamuni Buddha temple in the center of Jokhang is called “bursa kuo”, the circle of outer wall of Jokhang is called “ba kuo”, and the street outside Jokhang is called “barkhor street”.

Yarlung zangbo grand canyon

Yarlung zangbu grand canyon is the largest water vapor passage on the qinghai-tibet plateau and the deepest canyon on the earth. Yarlung zangbu grand canyon area cultural landscape (11) takes a bus from Lhasa to nyingchi first, and the bus starts at 8 am: 00, Lhasa to nyingchi bayi town 633 km, the fare of 155 yuan, and then from bayi to row dragon, after walking from row dragon to Mozart music tour Brahmaputra waters and the world’s deepest canyon, turn again by jay song to row dragon, can access the moinba nationality village on the way, appreciate the primitive forests, finally can go by the row dragon to millin, tested by millin to shannan, tabled way yarlung zangbu grand canyon scenery.

Namtso lake

Namsto Lake is located in the central region of Tibet autonomous region. It is the largest Lake in Tibet and the second largest saltwater Lake in China. It is the highest Lake in the world.

Yang lake

Yang lake is a plateau lake, about million years ago formed by glacial landslides blocked rivers, its shape is irregular, bifurcate, lakeshore winding, with free, wrong, wrong and error correction of 3 small lake, namtso means “heavenly lake, lake or ShenHu, is the famous holy land of Tibetan Buddhism, the faithful as one of the four big strong lake, transfer of tantric this statue – lg just dojo. Its southeast is the main peak of nianqing tanggula mountain, which is covered with snow all year round. On its north side, it leans against gentle and continuous highland hills. The vast grassland is around the lake. Hills around the lake in the morning, cloudy and cold sun, clouds, the wind stroke, vastness create ripples of the lake, really like a kind of fairy, hand waving towels at first the bearer, then the main peak nyenchen tanglha clarity, all the ranch a shallow green, mountain red and black markings, snow mountain, main as a terrible soldiers guarded the namtso lake. Plateau climate changes rapidly, sometimes the wind is big, when the surface of the cloud cover day, snow after the lake is still sparkling. In the evening, the lake was illuminated by the sunset glow, really charming.

There are many scenic spots in Tibet, and they are several hours’ drive away from each other. No matter you have been there for the first time or before, whether you plan to join a group or play by yourself, it is still necessary to find someone who is familiar with the local conditions. The traffic in Tibet is not developed, and the regular buses are few and in bad condition. Do your homework before you go, and prepare for altitude sickness.