“Stay at the Potala Palace. I’m the biggest king of snow. Wandering in the streets of Lhasa, I am the most beautiful lover in the world.”

From the poem of cangyang gyatso, I began to know Lhasa, love Lhasa, yearn for Lhasa, infatuated with Lhasa.

“I am a lotus flower in front of the Buddha. I am the most beautiful lotus in the world. I am not the Buddha of all beings. I have come to find my love in this life.

In my opinion, Lhasa is sacred, full of buddhist light, romantic, charming and reluctant to leave. It was not until one day that I came to Lhasa and walked on Barkhor Street that I realized that Lhasa was simple, primitive and unsophisticated…

Whether it is spring, summer, autumn and winter, whether it is rain or shine rain and snow, the snow area of the holy city is standing there, waiting for you to explore, to taste. Everyone has a different understanding of Lhasa. Some people may say that Lhasa is too remote to do anything convenient. It may also be said that Lhasa has become too urbanized and commercialized in recent years, losing its original flavor. In fact, no matter what you say, I believe Lhasa in the hearts of 100 people will have 100 different feelings.

Now to experience the magic of the snow city, I still suggest you fall and winter season, for nothing else, less people, to experience the most primitive charm. At least this time we can be closer to the original, more can see before Tibet, more can recall our youth.

Visit the Potala Palace to get a full view of Lhasa

Budara, the sacred spokesman, walking in the streets of budara square is like walking on Beijing chang ‘an avenue, so solemn and solemn. Looking at boudara in red and white, it was hard to avoid thinking whether he was bigger or less majestic than he had imagined. When you visit the Potala Palace in the summer, you may have to pay double to buy a ticket. If it’s winter, go to the Potala Palace for free.

The Potala Palace is new to tourists. Its culture and history are worth visiting and experiencing. We were excited as we looked up at budara from the tablet to the top. I also deeply felt the profound buddhist culture and extremely luxurious displays in the Potala Palace. We are in awe at this moment.

It is hard to avoid thinking here that “here and now, in the city of the sun, in the sacred mountain of the red sun, in the temple of avalokitesvara, I am luo sang renqin”. It is at this moment that the snowy city is sacred to me, bathed in the light of the Buddha.

Turn to Barkhor Street and feel the power of faith in romance

I still remember when I first came here, I was excited, even though it was still called “bajiao street” at that time, even though the market at that time was chaotic, even though it was full of the sound of selling, I may have more nostalgia for bajiao street at that time. But jokhang temple thousands of years in there, jokhang temple’s golden roof is shining here, jokhang temple door kowtowing people day after day. Formed a unique landscape.

Barkhor Street sprawls around the jokhang temple, which I think is undefined, with alleys in the middle, wide or narrow, bustling or deserted. When we walk here, we seem to grasp the time, can make time slow down. The rich Tibetan flavor is characteristic here, the dazzling array of goods make us dazzling.

When we inadvertently, at the corner, we can meet our maggie ami. Here, in jokhang temple, in Barkhor Street, Lhasa for me is romantic, is full of faith.

Go to live in kau luk hong, go to norbulingka and enjoy the leisure

Lhasa is different from ali and nagqu. Lhasa is very suitable for people’s life. They can enjoy the bath of the sun here and also feel the best natural gifts. After lunch, leisurely stroll in the streets of Lhasa, this is my trip, unknowingly went to live jiao lukang park, sitting here for a while, watching the Tibetan enthusiasm of the dance, see the dragon king pool in the large carp, see the shade of trees, enjoy the afternoon leisure.

In norbulingka, the Tibetan king’s back garden is filled with greenery and flowers. Under the trees and on the grass, small groups of people carry a pot of sweet tea and feel the nature quietly. Late autumn season here, the wind blowing, a piece of yellow leaves fell, forming a beautiful scenery. If you patiently search and find the zoo in norbulingka, you will be surprised.

Walking on the streets of Lhasa, at the moment of living in lukang, norbulingka, Lhasa for me is a leisurely enjoyment. Also is the aftertaste belongs to our original memory.

The bars on the Banks of the Lhasa river, the homestay on the sun island, the impact of both the modern and the ancient

“Lhasa bar” is my favorite song all the time. When I come to Lhasa, how can I not go to Lhasa bar to have a look and feel the modern prosperity of the snowy city. Under the moonlight, the Lhasa river flows quietly, while the nearby bar is noisy and boiling in sharp contrast. Have a taste of Lhasa beer, perhaps the charm of the snow plateau this moment all in the wine.

B&bs have to be mentioned. There are many hotels in Lhasa. And I think the most unforgettable is that a homestay, a youth tour.

For no other reason, here you may meet people who also love Lhasa, or you may meet explorers from all over the world. To talk about the past, to talk about Tibet, to talk about Lhasa. But sometimes, some people, but also let you tired, after all, travel is their own, is their own experience. We also remember our green years here.

A cup of sweet tea, a bowl of Tibetan noodles, is the real Lhasa

Lhasa is very beautiful. There are many things in Lhasa, which have been integrated into many modern things. When we are about to forget what Lhasa was like, the only thing that reminds us is a cup of sweet tea and a bowl of Tibetan noodles.

“Guangming”, an old shop of several decades, is also the place where I would come here to sit for an afternoon every time. This is how I first learned about Tibet. Many years ago, there was a delicious food hidden in Barkhor Street. It was Fried potatoes and cold noodles. You could smell the aroma of potatoes from a long way away. But can not forget the taste for a long time.

A simple bowl of Tibetan noodles, compared to our pasta pattern is not much, not good taste. But still so miss. I thought to think to go, we miss is not its own taste, but many years ago, is missing our youth. Is to miss that a primitive.

Time is a one-way street, the past, can not come back. This is still true even in Lhasa, and what Lhasa left me is a cup of sweet tea and a bowl of Tibetan noodles.