There are many reasons to fall in love with wenchuan, roast the smell of the whole sheep, piled up in the mountains of snow and ice, winding in the mountainside for a long time refused to disperse the clouds, can also be the deep forest that cabin in the comfortable time and daily life.

Now wenchuan and a more exciting way for you to play, that is to go to the depths of the mountains, escape the surging tide of people, in the cabin to spend a quiet summer.

Wenchuan, one of the favorite vacation places for sichuan people, whether it is cherries in spring, flowers and water in summer, red maple in autumn, hot spring in winter, it can always arouse the hearts of chengdu people who want to start.

But wenchuan’s reputation is not only resounding in the hearts of chengdu people, it is also a national love of travel people are longing for the place.

Living in the city for a long time, there is always an unspeakable desire for the mountains. Walking among the green woods, sleeping in the place of clouds and smoke, the daily life of ancient people has become luxurious in today’s era, so I especially cherish every time I sleep in the mountains and the chance to sleep under the stars.

In the haierzi mountain of wenchuan, there is a house hidden in the lush mountains. Every day, the scenery changes under the clouds. When I first saw him, I couldn’t help going to her.

A peaceful sleep in a valley 1,800 meters above sea level

Smell the chicken and get up and sleep with the mountain

The scenery sister this time visits is the haierzi mountain health hotel, the elevation is fully 1800 meters.

The temperature here stays at about 23° all year round, and the cool breeze in summer is very pleasant. Winter does not feel bleak and cold, but compared with the city is warmer, is very suitable for living holidays.

Some say the haiji mountain hotel is more like a village than a b&b because it is so big.

There are 80 single-family cabins, an orchard covering the middle of the mountain, and a single-family restaurant. The path is always full of murmuring streams and clear low-lying areas, in which tadpoles swim happily.

Walking on the quiet stone road, listening to the ethereal birdsong, living here, feel like a villager.

The decoration inside the homestay adopts the most plain design, log furniture and decoration make the real return to nature here.

Each cabin is relatively independent, very private, clean and tidy big bed, fully meet all the requirements of your virgo.

Every room here has its own scenery, wake up in the morning, look out, is a bath in the sun under the rippling mountain scene, let a person in a good mood.

Like the water to play fishing, then climb over the hillside, to the top of another place, where there is a good place for you to fish leisure.

Here, even the air can go with wine

In haizi mountain, the highest building is the restaurant shaped like a leaf. Sitting in the restaurant, the clouds in the distance are the best way to enjoy the food.

The most in-situ collection of flavor ecological expression, mountain, village, lake, forest elements are the main ingredients in the b&b restaurant. Each ingredient is highly valued and does not destroy the texture of the food, stimulating your most authentic taste buds.

Breakfast is on the house. The place to eat is in the public dining room of each villa. Every morning, there will be villagers’ aunts who live nearby to cook in the kitchen. Although it is not so rich, the combination of clear porridge and small dishes gives people the taste of humble food.

In addition to being a home stay, it is also a state-appointed traditional Chinese medicine planting base, where you can explore the secret garden of plant growth during the day and listen to the murmurs of living creatures at night.

Everything was very quiet, and the only time of excitement, probably in the early morning, was when the hens began to chirp and the dogs began to bark.

Come here, you really don’t need to make a schedule for yourself, sleep until you wake up naturally, then drink tea and read a book. Take it easy on yourself. Something for tomorrow? In the valley of 1600 meters, first sleep safely.

Shuimo ancient town is near haierzi mountain kangyang hotel. Large areas of yellow brick houses are like a pair of ink and wash paintings. When you visit the hotel be free and at leisure, you can have a good experience of local unique qiang culture.

When the cherries are ripe, the sun shines, the green branches are greedily red.

In the Tibetan language, renji ximu valley is “the perspective of heaven”. Every June or July, there will be a sea of flowers here. You can enjoy the flowers and walk on foot.