It’s summer again. Many cities in China are hot. Many people have to stay in air-conditioned houses all day. Obviously want to go out to play, can not bear the heat of the heat, the real people feel uncomfortable. So there are cool and interesting scenic spots? Of course, there is. Today, brother niu is here to give you an introduction. The cuckoo gorge of kangding love song scenic area is a summer resort. Kangding love song scenic area is famous for a song.

Just down The cuckoo gorge. In July, the large azaleas have been opened, although there is no cuckoo all over the fields of beauty, but the cage plants all over the mountains and fields, the fresh green joy, also stirred the heart strings, summer is full of life, is verdant. But here and there are a few azaleas.

Big and small waterfalls flow in the mountains, the water of these waterfalls is very clear, one eye forget to see the bottom, the transparent color is like a large piece of jelly, splashing around the little water in the sun shining, this one emerged, that one did not see, sparkling waves let people’s heart followed lively up.

The flow of the waterfall is different, some very fast, some very slow, some rapids such as arrows, some slowly like rain, fast have fast momentum, slow have slow mind infinite. Green trees on both sides reflect the waterfall, green more green, white more white, clearly, to the visual sense of a comfortable broad impact.

The mountain behind the waterfall was not clear to see, for the mountain had been enveloped by the curling clouds. The verdant jungle nearby, the hazy mountain shadows in the distance, as well as the clouds around the mountain chat, constitute a harmonious ink painting, showing the magnificent and bold spirit of ancient China’s mountains and rivers.

Still, there was something missing. What’s missing? Mountain, cascade, tree, and all have had, the only thing missing is the stone in the BaoLiu. There are many stones, horizontal or vertical, in these waterfalls. After the impact of countless days and nights of water, these stones are rounded and round, which makes people happy to see. Large and small stones or reddish-brown, or light brown, also have yellow and white, are naturally bred color, thick, meaningful.

So, BaoLiu rapid, dashed on the rocks, a few long branch of the wild tree blocking the line of sight in a small part of the scenery, the outline of mountains is not very clear, only hint of luck, quiet fairyland in general. This is a complete Chinese ink painting, away from the hustle and bustle of the secular, fully shows the charm of nature.

The cuckoo gorge is only a few degrees, perfect for walking. Niu thinks if you don’t want to queue up in a hot web celebrity scenic spot, such as The cuckoo gorge in kangding, you can feel cool, comfortable and relaxed.