The beautiful scenery in sichuan always seems to be endless.

A jiuzhaigou, hook the soul of how many people

A lugu lake, wreathing many people’s dreams of fairyland

A ruoergai galloped the horse in many people’s minds that wild horse

Emei mountain, marveled at the number of mountaineers eyes

A village jia zang zhai, aroused the number of people to tibetans infinite curiosity

However, they are located in a corner, but have amazing scenery. It’s hard to get it out of your mind once you’ve seen it.

Perhaps you have been in the xanadu of western sichuan for countless times, perhaps you have also neglected the secret land far away from the mountains and rarely visited by tourists.

For example, hidden deep in ganzi Xinlong, here is not what A scenic area, no tourism development, even not many visitors found.

But here is the concentration of western sichuan and even the entire Tibetan beauty, snow mountains, grasslands, forests, lakes, temples… Wait for your arrival.

Here is tao yuanming’s “xanadu”, which is also the ideal kingdom of “shambhala” in Tibetan buddhist classics.

This is a secluded paradise, a place of love, with all the shangri-la described in the novel lost horizon.

Have been to many places, you will find that look at the mountains are like mountains, look at the water is like water, grassland is the same long, but when you came to Xinlong, you will find that the scenery here is so different.

Compared with daocheng, Xinlong has been hidden away in the boudofdom, and due to its late development, few tourists go there.

However, Xinlong’s scenery is no less than that of daocheng, and even known as the second daocheng. And autumn is Xinlong’s golden season for tourism. I don’t want to face the crowds in daocheng.

In Xinlong, you can visit the picturesque and mysterious grand canyon of the yalong river.

To Xinlong, you can go to the holy cavallorge snow mountain to do a devout believers.

To Xinlong, you can go to the quiet picturesque cuoka yao pool side daze, wash the soul.

In Xinlong, you can go to the colorful pica valley to feel the colorful autumn days.

In Xinlong, you can go to the vast and beautiful lairima grassland to spread wild wherever you like.

To Xinlong, there are also the male dragon in harmony with man and nature, the geri karst cave, the geri ditch in various shapes, the highest elevation of Tibetan areas in China, and the danxia landform with the widest area…

You only arrive at Xinlong, you just know how beautiful it really is!

Yalong river grand canyon: belly button of the land

Kuangu snow area breeds the grand canyon of yalong river, which is majestic and extremely remote. The canyon is full of rocks, as if entering an ancient tunnel, legend here is the “navel of the earth” channel.

In this navel, there are countless treasures, ritual objects and gods doing their respective jobs. The roaring dragon lies in it, and kawaro guards it.

The yalong river, which is like a dragon, is winding and magnificent.

In the bright sunshine, revealing the vigorous vitality.

Natural snow mountains into pure snow water, like milk like feeding this land simple kangba children!

Danxia landform: the scarlet agate of the highlands

Looking north from Xinlong yinduo township, you can see the special landform known as hongshan mountain.

Here minute shot science fiction blockbuster effect.

Stretching more than 30 kilometers of bare red mountain, mountain under the sun shining dazzling light, and the surrounding dark green mountains form a sharp contrast.

Cuoka lake: emerald in wonderland

Surrounded by green mountains and surrounded by white clouds, cuoka lake hidden in the depths of mountains has a face like a fairy.

Early in the morning, cattle and sheep take a leisurely walk by the lake.

Lake as clear as a mirror, the water crystal clear bottom, as if to wash the heart of the dust.

In the evening, the sky fairy woven good sunset cover in the sky, cuoca lake also like the girl put on a beautiful dress.

In Tibetan belief, a fish is a sacred object that carries the soul after death.

Come here you do not want to do anything, just want to quietly in a daze.

The night of the Cuoka lake is not deep, it and the moon and stars for company, in this everlasting years quietly watch, tender care of the world a distant and deep blue dream.

Kawaroge snow mountain: the three sacred mountains of maidaocheng

This horned peak is meandering, and the magnificent snow-capped mountain is called kavarohi.

Snow mountain stands in Xinlong big cover township, covered with snow all year round, magnificent.

Early in the morning at the foot of the snow mountain a vibrant, beautiful incomparable.

At sunset, the snow mountain is shrouded in a golden yellow, mysterious and beautiful.

Believers often go to the kawaroge mountains, their attitude to the faith to the absolute sincerity of the people moving!

Prayer flags of various colors form the first word of the six-word motto “hum” hanging on the mountain, an area of about 100 square meters, and Lhasa jokhang temple’s big thangka comparable!

Pichagou: colorful gou with rich colors

Pichagou is connected by mountains and rivers. It is not only beautiful in mountains and waters, but also beautiful in colorful forests and magical stories of king gesar.

The stream nestles along the sacred mountain trickling to the east, and is composed into a gentle and graceful melodious music.

Colour forest: inlaid between pica peak forest, from the bottom of the ditch to the top, the trees are lush and colorful, giving a strong visual beauty.

Autumn leaf is gorgeous, red leaf is like blood, yellow leaf is like gold, green deep is like blue, layer forest all dye, colorful forest has accumulated a year of vitality in autumn in full bloom!

Be like the landscape painting with appropriate shade, be like the canvas that multicoloured appear again, let a person imitate if entered fairy tale world.

Pichafenglin: strange peaks and rocks on the top of the mountain, if the colorful forest is the dress, then the peak forest is the crown.

Gala mountain: means “beautiful and lovely mountain” in Tibetan, the mountains are beautiful and straight, and the stream runs merrily in the mountain stream. Kala sacred mountain is the famous sacred mountain of benjiao and one of the five famous mountains of Xinlong.

Friendship steppe: there are many marshes on the steppe. If you look up, you can see the snowy mountains.

An early snow dyed the friendship grassland and distant mountains white. Heaven and earth were one.

Largerma: the place where god and man live together

The Tibetan language lira day horse is the place where the immortals live, the tea horse ancient road once ran through here. Here flat terrain, vast grassland, neat SLATE Tibetan village tiling in the mountains, the west view!

Larri marin grassland: verdant forest sea, let a person’s mind to dream of the meadow, larri ma grassland has China’s six most beautiful grassland in the western sichuan alpine grassland of the most unique landscape!

There are more than 50 gullies distributed on the grassland, and there are wonders in each gully. It has been ten days and half a month just to visit the grassland.

The river meanders between the forest and grassland, fish and ducks play in the river, cattle and sheep herders linger in the meadow, with them, the lairima grassland is more alive!

Lairimatalin: on the right side of zhazong temple, zhazong village, lairama township, that one hundred and thirteen magnificent and sacred white pagodas constitute the zun sheng auspicious ruyi pagoda.

Each white tower shape is different, each is exquisitely carved very exquisite!

The tibetans holding the spinning wheel in the turret are so pious that it is no wonder that heaven treats this land so kindly!

SLATE Tibet village: the early morning SLATE Tibet village is very quiet, every family are angry smoke, make the mountain smoke.

Living in such a blue sky between white clouds and green mountains, how comfortable the feeling.

Jiangdui temple: the oldest temple in ganzi

Ganzi one of the oldest monasteries jiangdui temple, the temple contains countless precious national cultural relics!

This is not jiuzhaigou.

This is not daocheng yading.

This is not jorge,

This is not seda,

This is Xinlong! Such a beautiful place,

I’d like to stay all my life.