Trip planning

Guanyinqiao Town
Chengdu→Wenchuan→Guanyinqiao Town
Altitude change: 580 ~ 2600 meters
Introduction of Attractions: Taoping Village, Ganbao Tibetan Village, Zhuokeji Guanzhai, Xisuo Residence, Guanyin Temple
Location: Guanyinqiao Town
Travel time: 416km, about 10 hours

Overview of the itinerary: Depart from Chengdu Hotel in the morning, cross the western Sichuan Plain, go up the Lijiang River, take a tour of the Zipingpu Water Conservancy Project along the way, visit the Yingxiu 5.12 earthquake site, and then pass through the hometown of Wenchuan.

Then through the millennium ancient Qiangzhai – Taoping Qiangzhai (free visit to the new stockade), Ganbao Tibetan village, through the county of Miyaluo, then through the Lushan tunnel, into the beautiful Shuai River Canyon, after Zhuo Keji Guanzhai (60 yuan in the peak season, voluntary self-care)

▲ Taoping Village

Jiarong Tibetan-style dwellings – Xisuo Dwellings (free of charge), then arrived in Malang, the seat of the Aba Autonomous Prefecture, to enjoy the idyllic scenery along the way, arrived at Songgang Township, and overlooked Songgang Tower. Arrive at Guanyinqiao Town in the evening. If you arrive early, you can go to Guanyin Temple yourself (tickets and transportation vehicles).

▲ Zhuo Keji Guanzhai

Guanyinqiao Town→Wanda → Seda
Altitude change: 2500 ~ 3900 meters
Attractions: Wengda Mountain Grassland, Tibetan Macaque Viewing Area, Wuming Buddhist College, Tianzangtai
Location: Seda County
Travel time: 200km, about 6 hours

Overview of the itinerary: Go up to Guanyin Temple in the morning and continue on to Seda. The scenery along the way continues, the black yak and the white flock looming in the morning sun, passing through the Wengda mountain grassland on the way, and then entering the Tibetan macaque viewing area, you can bring some dry food to feed the monkey at close range. I arrived at Luoruo Township at noon, and I usually choose to have lunch here.

After lunch, drive to the gate of the Buddhist College and go to the celestial burial platform to observe. After the ceremonial celestial burial, visit the Seda Larong Wuming Buddhist College (the transportation fee is 3 yuan, voluntarily self-care), enter the gate of the Buddhist College, and the red houses on the hills not far away will come into view.

▲ Seda Wuming Buddhist College

In the evening, you can hike to the top of the Buddhist College, stand there to listen to the sound of the Sanskrit in the mountains, and wait quietly for the sunset. You can also shoot the night scene at the Buddhist College. At this time, only the words “shock” appear in front of your eyes, and you will not let you down. After returning to the night scene, return to Seda County.

Day 3: Seda – Furha – Daofu – Xinduqiao
Altitude change: 3400 ~ 3900 meters
Attractions: Wengda Grassland, Tibetan Macaque Ornamental Area, Old Folding Mountain, Shrimp Lahu Village, Bamei Stone Forest, Tagong Grassland
Location: Xinduqiao
Travel time: 365km, about 7 hours

Overview of the itinerary: Get up in the morning and leave the city of Seda, and you can look at it again when passing through Wuming Buddhist College. Once again along the Sequ River, through the Tibetan Macaque viewing area, Onda Grassland. Turn the G317 line and turn right through the old folding mountain tunnel. Pass through Huo County, turn left into S303 Provincial Road.

Slightly stop at the village of Shrimp Lahu, and come to the vast Long Deng grassland. On the hillside, there are light and shadows flying through the mountains. The wildflowers in the grass are in full bloom, and the Daofu dwellings in the distance and the eight geology of China. Mercer Park.

▲Bamei Stone Forest

Cross the mountains and follow the river to the place where the Buddha likes it – the Tagong Grassland, the walking tower grassland, the distant view of the Yala Mountain, the near view of the Muja Jinta, the pilgrimage to the Tagong Temple (20 yuan per person) Beautiful! After watching the Mani Stone, Buddha statues and plateau sunsets along the Songlinkou River Valley, stay at Xinduqiao at night.

▲Tagong Prairie·Muya Jinta

Shangri-La Town
Xinduqiao→Litang→Dacheng→ Shangri-La Town
Altitude change: 3630 meters to 2800 meters
Attractions: Tianlu 18th Bend, Maoyan Grassland, Haizi Mountain, Rabbit Mountain, Ancient Ice Cap Site, Qingyang Forest
Location: Shangri-La Town
Travel time: 420km, about 8 hours

Overview of the itinerary: After getting up early, leave Xinduqiao and turn over the Gaoersi Mountain (4412 meters above sea level) after passing through Yajiang and passing the “Eight Road Eighteen Bend”. It has successively crossed the scissors and bends the mountain (4,659 meters above sea level) and the Kazila Mountain (4,718 meters above sea level). Through the high city of the world, the Pearl of the Plateau and Litang County (4000 meters above sea level), the scenery of the prairie is observed.

Through the Wuliang River, climb the place where the legendary tortoise and the hare race – Rabbit Mountain. It is the largest ancient glacial ruins on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, the Daocheng Ancient Ice Cap-Haizishan Nature Reserve (4,500 meters above sea level), and enjoys the charming scenery of the terracotta valley and the Tibetan-style Tibetan villages along the way.

▲ Haizishan

After Daocheng, you will climb over the last mountain of today’s itinerary, Pova Mountain (4513 meters above sea level), and follow the terracotta valley to the last Shangri-La-Shiwa Township (now called Shangri-La Town).

Shangri-La Town
Aden scenic spot for a day
Altitude change: 2800 ~ 4108 meters
Attraction introduction: Milk Sea, Pearl Sea, Wu Se Hai, Yang Mai Yong, Xian Nai, Xia Nuo Duo Ji, Aden Starry Sky
Location: Shangri-La Town
Driving kilometers: 10km

Overview of the itinerary: After breakfast in the morning, put on professional hiking equipment and dry food (no meal in the scenic area). Take a sightseeing bus at the visitor center to the fascinating Aden Scenic Area (tickets 150 yuan / person, scenic sightseeing car 120 yuan / People, self-care)

After passing through the Aden Village (3800 meters), take a battery car at the Chonggu Temple (round-trip 80 yuan, voluntarily take care of yourself) and arrive at the Luorong Cattle Farm (“From Your World Passing” location) and start walking along the way to see the three great mountains – – Xiannai (▲ 6032 meters), Shanuo Duoji (▲ 5958 meters), Yang Maiyong (▲ 5958 meters), good horseback riding to Aden’s most beautiful milk sea and five-color sea (▲ 4700 meters).

▲Nuorong cattle farm

See wild plants, alpine snow mountains, forests, glaciers, lakes, rivers, and experience the natural charm of harmony between man and nature. Let the holy mountain water resonate with the heart and indulge in the land of dreams. (The cost of round-trip battery car and horse-riding expenses in the scenic area, voluntary self-care), return to the Shangri-La town outside the scenic spot in the afternoon.

special reminder:
1. There are two ways to go from Luorongniuchang to Milk Sea and Wuqinghai. One is to walk up the road and take 6~7 hours to go round and round. One is to ride up and take 4 hours to go round and round (the horse costs themselves, 300 yuan / horse).

2, today, the average altitude of hiking is more than 4,000, the weather is changeable, there will be heavy rain and strong wind at any time, please teammates to do what you can, safety first. In addition, there is no replenishment point after the Luorong cattle farm, please prepare dry food and drinking water in advance. Those with better physical fitness, under the circumstance of sufficient time, can go to the Pearl Sea to play during the return journey.

▲ milk sea

▲ five-color sea

Aden → Daocheng
Altitude change: 3800-4500 meters
Attractions: Pearl Sea, Chonggu Temple, Xiannai Mountain
Location: Daocheng County
Travel time: 116km, about 2 hours

Overview of the itinerary: After breakfast, take the scenic spot sightseeing car (the second time into the scenic spot, the sightseeing car 60 yuan / person, voluntarily take care of yourself) once again arrive at the Chonggu Temple service area, and go to the worship of Zhuomala Lake (Pearl Sea). The area is about 0.1 square kilometers. The pearl sea in the jungle is like an emerald embedded in the lotus throne.

In the spring, the azaleas bloom brightly, and the autumn forests are dyed, reflecting the colorful world, which is dazzling. Looking at the fairy mountain. Return to the Shangri-La Town Visitor Service Center around 15:00, and the driver will wait for everyone to board the bus to Daocheng County.

▲Pearl Sea and Xiannai Mountain

Altitude change: 2530-4500 meters
Attractions: Road 18, Biancao Grassland, Haizi Mountain, Rabbit Mountain, Ancient Ice Cap Site, Qingyang Forest
Location: Xinduqiao
Travel time: 345km, about 7 hours

Overview of the itinerary: After leaving early, leave Daocheng County, and enjoy the charming scenery of the terracotta valley and the Tibetan villages like the paradise. It is the largest ancient glacial site on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and the Daocheng Ancient Ice Cap-Haizishan Nature Reserve (4,500 meters above sea level).

Over the legendary place where the tortoise and the hare raced – the rabbit mountain, through the Wuliang River, the scenery of the prairie. Through the high city of the world, the Pearl of the plateau – Litang (4000 meters above sea level), it has crossed the Kazila Mountain (4,718 meters above sea level) and the sheared mountain (4,659 meters above sea level). After passing through Yajiang, after passing through the “Tianlu Eighteen Bend”, passing through Yajiang County, you will arrive at the “Photographer Paradise” Xinduqiao.

▲Xinduqiao Autumn Scene

Altitude change: 4300-580 meters
Attractions: Xinduqiao, Muya Scenic Area, Fenduo Mountain, Kangding City, Dadu River, Luding Bridge, Erlang Mountain
Accommodation location: Back to Chengdu dump group (excluding accommodation this night)
Travel time: 380km, about 9 hours

Overview of the itinerary: Morning view of Xinduqiao after getting up early, feel the charm of photographer paradise. Passing through the distant view of the Muya Holy Land, over the fold of the mountain pass (4200 meters above sea level), after going down the mountain through the yo-yo city – Kangding. Arrived in Luding County via Yakang Expressway to visit Luding Bridge (ticket 10 yuan, voluntary self-care).

After lunch, pass the Yakang Expressway and enjoy the scenery of Erlang Mountain. Along the Chengya Expressway, you will arrive in Chengdu. The driver then delivers the guests to the hotel they have set up.

▲ Luding Bridge