Trip planning



The guanyinqiao town

Chengdu → wenchuan → guanyinqiao town

Altitude: 2,600m

Scenic spots: taoping qiang village, zhuokeji official village, xiso folk houses, guanyin temple

Breakfast, lunch and evening (self-care)

Accommodation: guanyinqiao town (included)

Trip: 416km, about 10 hours

Itinerary overview: take bus from chengdu hotel in the morning, cross the west sichuan plain, go up the minjiang river, take a tour of ziping pu water conservancy project along the way, visit yingxiu 5.12 earthquake site, and then pass through the hometown of dayu wenchuan.

After that, it passes through the thousand-year ancient qiang stockaded village — taoping qiang stockaded village (free to visit xinzhaizi) and ganbao Tibetan stockaded village, passes through miyaro of lixian county, then passes through the tunnel of partrige mountain, drives into the beautiful and slender suomo river gorge, and passes through zhuokeji official stockaded village (admission fee: 60 yuan, voluntary self-care).

▲ taoping qiang village

Jia rong tibetan-style residence — xisuo residence (free), then arrive at malkang, the seat of aba autonomous prefecture, and enjoy the pastoral scenery along the way, arrive at songgang township, and see songgang diaolou from a distance. Night arrived in guanyin bridge town. If you arrive early, you can go to guanyin temple by yourself.

▲ zhuokeji village


The color of

Guanyin bridge town → onda → seda

Altitude: 3900 m

Scenic spots: onda alpine grassland, Tibetan macaque view scenic spot, five Ming buddhist college, celestial burial platform

Breakfast, lunch and evening (self-care)

Accommodation: seda (inclusive)

Trip: 200km, about 6 hours

Overview: get up in the morning and overlook the guanyin temple, then continue to seda. On the way, black yaks and white sheep appear in the early morning sun. On the way, they pass through the onda mountain grassland, and then they enter the Tibetan macaque monkey scenic spot, where they can take some dry food to feed the monkeys. Arrive in loro township around noon, and generally choose to have lunch there.

After lunch, we will drive to the gate of the buddhist academy and visit the celestial burial platform. After viewing the funeral ceremony, we will visit the five Ming buddhist college in serdalong (transportation fee is 3 yuan, self-care), and enter the gate of the buddhist college.

▲ seda wu Ming buddhist college

In the evening, you can walk to the top of the buddhist academy, stand there and listen to the sounds of the mountains, quietly waiting for the sunset. You can also shoot night scenes in the buddhist college. What emerges in front of you at this time is only the word “shock”, which will not let you down. After shooting the night scene back to seda county.

▲ seda wu Ming buddhist college


The new bridge

Seda → ganzi → litang → shangri-la town

Altitude: 3900 m

Scenic spots: wongda grassland, Tibetan macaque ornamental area, laoji mountain, kassa lake, yalong river and haizi mountain

Breakfast, lunch and evening (self-care)

Accommodation: xindu bridge

Trip: 365km, about 7 hours

Itinerary overview: get up in the morning to leave seda county, passing by the five Ming buddhist college can also overlook once again. Again along the sequ river, passing by the Tibetan macaque ornamental area, wongda grassland. Turn right on route G317 and cross laohuashan tunnel. Pass through the casa lake furnace huo county luo pan liang zi into ganzi county,.

After that, he travels through the yalong river grand canyon, where mountains and rocks line the river, passes through xinlong county and arrives at litang, the world high city, at noon. The deer mountain

Climb over the largest ancient glacier relic on the qinghai-tibet plateau — the desolate, rugged and magnificent haizi mountain nature reserve (4500 meters above sea level). If the weather is fine, you can see the snow line formed by a row of snow mountains on the horizon through the endless stucco beach and shihe park. The scene is very spectacular.

Bring haizi mountain

After the daocheng sandui red grass, it is a seasonal scenic spot, only in autumn to see. After passing through daocheng, cross the last mountain of today’s trip — powa mountain (4,513 meters above sea level) and follow the chiteru river valley to the final shangri-la — riwa township (now called shangri-la town).


Shangri-la town

Yading scenic spot for a day

Elevation variation: 2800 ~ 4108 m

Attractions: milk sea, pearl sea, sea of five colors, central maiyong, xian nai day, xia nuodoji, Aden star

Where to stay: shangri-la town

Km: 10km

Itinerary overview: after breakfast in the morning, change into professional hiking equipment and dry food and drinking water (there is no dining spot in the scenic spot) and take the sightseeing bus to the fascinating yading scenic spot in the tourist center (admission fee: 150 yuan/person, sightseeing bus: 120 yuan/person, self-care).

After Aden village (3800 m) on old temple by storage battery (from 80 yuan, voluntary self-care) arrived flocking to zap (from your the world passing shot) began walking, along the way can close watch three mountain – fairy is day (bring about 6032 meters), hands full (bring about 5958 meters), central yong (bring about 5958 meters), good physical strength to ride a horse to Aden most beautiful sea and five-color milk (bring about 4700 meters).

▲ velvet cattle ranch

View wild plants, mountains, forests, glaciers, lakes and rivers, and experience the beauty of harmony between man and nature. Let sacred mountains and water resonate with the heart, indulge in the land of dreams. (charge for battery car and horse riding in the scenic area, self-care). Return to shangri-la in the afternoon.

Special reminder:

1, from the lowdown cattle farm to the milk sea, the sea of five colors there are two ways, one is to walk on the horse road, it takes 6~7 hours to go back and forth; One is to ride a horse up, round trip needs 4 hours (the horse cost self-care, 300 yuan per horse).

2. Today, the average altitude of hiking is more than 4000, the weather is changeable, there will be rain and wind at any time, please do according to your ability, safety first. In addition, there is no supply point after luoweng cattle farm, please prepare dry food and drinking water in advance. If you are physically fit and have enough time, you can visit the pearl sea on your return trip.

Bring milk sea

Bring colored sea


Shangri-la town

Yading half-day tour → daocheng

Elevation variation: 2,800 ~ 4,685 m

Scenic spots: daocheng scenery, azalea valley, haizi mountain, maoya grassland, sister lake, jinsha river, zongla mountain

Where to stay: shangri-la town

Journey time: 490km, about 10 hours

After breakfast, take the scenic bus (the second time to enter the scenic spot, the sightseeing bus is 60 yuan/person, voluntary self-care) to arrive at the service area of chonggu temple again, and go to worship zhuo malacho sacred lake (pearl sea). The area is about 0.1 square kilometers. The sea of pearls in the dense forest is like an emerald set in the lotus throne, rippling green.

Azaleas bloom in the lake in spring, and the trees in autumn, reflecting a dazzling world of color. View the sacred mountain from a distance. Return to shangri-la town tourist service center around 15:00 PM. The driver will wait for you to get on the bus and go to daocheng county to check in.

▲ pearl sea and fairy nairi sacred mountain


The new bridge

Daocheng → litang → xindu bridge

Elevation variation: 2,530-4,500 m

Scenic spots: 18 curved tianlu, maoya grassland, haizi mountain, rabbit hill, ancient ice cap ruins, green poplar forest

Where to stay: xindu bridge

Journey time: 345km, about 7 hours

Brief itinerary: leave daocheng county early in the morning, and enjoy the charming scenery of chattu valley and Tibetan villages like a paradise. Pass through the largest ancient glacier ruins on the qinghai-tibet plateau, daocheng ancient ice cap — haizi mountain nature reserve (4500 meters above sea level).

The rabbit mountain is the place where the tortoise and the hare race in the legend. Through the world’s high city, plateau pearl – litang (4000 meters above sea level), has crossed the khazila mountain (4718 meters above sea level), scissors bend mountain (4659 meters above sea level). After passing through yajiang through the “eighteen turns of the road”, through yajiang county, arrived at the “photographer’s paradise” xindu bridge.

▲ xindu bridge autumn scenery



Xindu bridge → kangding → chengdu

Elevation variation: 4300-580 m

Scenic spots: xindu bridge, muya scenic area, polymountain, kangding city, dadu river, luding bridge, Erlang mountain

Lodging place: return to chengdu for a group tour (this night does not include accommodation)

Journey time: 380km, about 7 hours

Get up early and see xindu bridge in the morning, and feel the charm of photographers’ paradise. Pass through the scenic spot of muya holy land. Climb the mountain pass (4200 meters above sea level) and pass through the yo-yo town of kangding. Arrive at luding county via yakang expressway to visit luding bridge (admission fee: 10 yuan, self-care).

After lunch by yacang expressway, enjoy the Erlang mountain scenery. Cheng ya along the highway before arriving in chengdu. Go to the designated place. Due to the special reasons of road conditions in Tibetan areas, it is not recommended to book a return ticket or train ticket on the same day, so as not to delay the journey because of traffic jam.

Bring luding bridge