Trip planning

Lhasa→Yanghu→Karuola Glacier→Jiangyan→Shigatse
Altitude change: 3650~3860 meters
Attraction introduction: Yamdrok, Karuola Glacier, Baiju Temple, Jiangyan Castle
Location: Shigatse
Travel time: 356km, about 7 hours

Overview of the itinerary: Pick up the car from Lhasa after breakfast, then proceed to Yamdrok (at least 30 minutes). It is a freshwater lake in one of the three holy lakes in Tibet. The lake is as clear as sheep fat.

▲Yang Zhuo wrong

Drive to the Carola Glacier (about 20 minutes) and the front of the glacier is just a stone’s throw away. After driving to the hero city “Jiangyan”, Jiangyan is an ancient city with more than 600 years of history. You can drive to the distant view of Gyangze Fortress.

▲Jiangyan Castle

You can visit Baiju Temple in Jiangyan Ancient City. Baiju Temple is a typical Tibetan Buddhist temple building with a combination of Tibetan Buddhism Sakya, Xia Lu and Gelu. After that, proceed to Shigatse.

▲Baiju Temple

Fixed day
Shigatse → Lahu → Mount Everest → Date
Altitude change: 3860~5200 meters
Attractions: Daeguola Pass, Mount Everest, Rongbu Temple
Accommodation location: fixed date
Travel time: 350km, about 6~7 hours

Overview of the itinerary: get up early and pull the 原 (the origin of the knives) to the date. After a short stay, drive to the peak of Mount Everest 5 km to reach the Lulu border checkpoint. Then climb over the peak of the Begula Pass, from which you can see four snow mountains of 8000 meters or more, in order: Everest (8844.43 meters above sea level), Makalu (8463 meters), Lhotse (8516 meters), Zhuo Aoyou Peak (8201 meters).

After arriving at the new Mount Everest Base Camp, the Rongbu Temple is a good location to watch Mount Everest. The time to see Mount Everest is sunrise or evening sunset. Stay in Dingri County at night.

▲ Rongbu Temple

Dingri → Lahu → Shigatse
Altitude change: 4900~5200 meters
Attractions: Mount Everest, Tashilhunpo Monastery
Location: Shigatse
Travel time: 350km, about 5 hours

Overview of the itinerary: Take the qiyun of Mount Everest early. When the top of Mount Everest is clear and cloudless, the snow is blown up by the wind, and the pieces are connected. Because of its shape, it is called “qiyun”.

The new Everest Base Camp has moved to Rongbu Temple, which is considered to be the highest commercial center in the world. After arriving by car, I will visit the Tashilhunpo Monastery in Shigatse. Stay in Shigatse at night.

The Tashilhunpo Monastery is the place where the Panchen Lama is stationed in the Tin. Founded in 1447, there are 57 halls and 3,600 houses in the temple. The temples are handed in, dense and balanced, harmonious and symmetrical. The strong Buddha Buddha Temple is divided into five parts: the Lotus Temple, the Waist Temple, the Chest Temple, the Facial Temple and the Crown Hall.

▲ Tashilhunpo Monastery

Nam Co
Shigatse → Yarlung Zangbo Canyon scenery → Nimu grassland → Dangxiong → Nam Co
Altitude change: 3860~4718 meters
Attractions: Nimu Grassland, Nyainqentanglha Mountain, Nam Co.
Location: Nam Co
Travel time: 389km, about 8 hours

Overview of the itinerary: Starting from the hotel in the morning, we will go down the Yarlung Zangbo River all the way, then head north to enjoy the scenery of the northern Nimu grassland, cross the Nyainqentanglha Mountain Range, pass through the Dangxiong County, and come to the Zhaxi Peninsula on the Nam Co Lake. . Overnight at the Tashi Peninsula.

▲Namuqin·Zhaxi Peninsula

Nam Co → Nagen La Pass → Yangbajing Hot Spring → Lhasa
Altitude change: 4718~3650 meters
Attractions: Nam Co, Yangbajing Hot Spring
Accommodation location: Lhasa
Driving kilometers: 222km, about 5 hours

Overview of the itinerary: Appreciate the sunrise of Nam Co in the early morning. Namco is one of the three holy lakes. Therefore, we will insist on getting up early this morning. When we are young, we will walk to the lake of Namtso to find a stone to sit and enjoy the change. Measure the clouds and photograph the lake and mountains at sunrise.

When passing through the Nagura Pass (5190 meters above sea level), we once again look back to Nam Co, and make a final farewell to this magical land. Over the mountain pass is Dangxiong County (4200 meters above sea level), continue to the observation deck of the Nyainqentanglha Pass (5231 meters above sea level), see the snow on the top of the mountain, the ancient glaciers criss-crossing, majestic Poor mother’s day peak.

After getting off the bus and taking a photo with the snow-capped mountains that divide Tibet into three major areas: northern Tibet, southern Tibet, and southeastern Tibet, we continue to move forward and return to Lhasa in the afternoon to complete this unforgettable journey.

After that, you will be ready to return to Lhasa, and you will be able to enjoy the hot spring foot bath (gift). Return to Lhasa in the afternoon to complete this unforgettable journey.

▲ Namco

Special Note
The above itinerary is for reference only. Because of the particularity of the Tibetan area, in the specific implementation process, it may be because the road conditions or the weather will change the sightseeing order of the scenic spots without reducing the scenic spots. I hope to understand.