Trip planning

Jiaju Tibetan Village
Chengdu→ Yingxiu Earthquake Site→Siguniang Mountain→ Jiaju Tibetan Village
Altitude change: 580 ~ 4500 meters
Attractions: Zipingpu Reservoir, Yingxiu Earthquake Site, Wolong Geological Memorial Hall, Barang Mountain Scenery, Shuangqiaogou, Dawei Memorial Hall, Zhonglu Zangzhai, Jiaju Tibetan Village
Accommodation location: Jiaju Tibetan Village
Travel time: 320km, about 7 hours

Overview of the itinerary: Depart from Chengdu in the morning, the car will be on the highway, and enjoy the scenery of the west of Sichuan. After the Dujiangyan, it will be transferred to the Duwen Expressway. After the Zipingpu Reservoir, along the river, look at the 5.12 earthquake murals and visit the earthquake site after Yingxiu. After the trip to Wolong, visit the Wolong Natural Geology Museum.

After crossing the Barang Mountain, you can enjoy the scenery of Barang Mountain. Follow the mountain to the cat nose and see the Siguniang Mountain. After lunch, visit the Shuangqiaogou (80 yuan for tickets, 70 yuan for sightseeing cars, and voluntarily take care of yourself).

▲Siguniang Mountain·Shuangqiaogou

After coming out, pass the Daweihuishi Monument, pass through Xiaojin County, cross the Xiaojin River, pass through the Zhonglu Village and then arrive at Danba. Follow the Dadu River and go north to the city to reach today’s destination Jiaju Zhaizhai (tickets 50 yuan, Volunteer self-care), at night to experience the Tibetan style, night view of the Tibetan starry sky.

▲ Jiaju Tibetan Village

Jiaju Zangzhai→ Jinchuan→ Seda Wuming Buddhist College
Altitude change: 2500 ~ 3900 meters
Attractions: Wengda Mountain Grassland, Tibetan Macaque Viewing Area, Wuming Buddhist College, Tianzangtai
Location: Seda County
Travel time: 200km, about 6 hours

Overview of the itinerary: In the morning, climb through the Beauty Valley and take the Jinchuan Pear Blossom Corridor (at the end of March and early April, the scenic spots). The scenery along the way continues, the black yak and the white flock looming in the morning sun, passing through the Wengda mountain grassland on the way, and then entering the Tibetan macaque viewing area, you can bring some dry food to feed the monkey at close range. I arrived at Luoruo Township at noon, and I usually choose to have lunch here.

After lunch, take a bus to the celestial burial platform to observe the ceremony. After the ceremonial celestial burial, visit the Seda Larong Wuming Buddhist College (the transportation fee is unilaterally 3 yuan, voluntarily take care of yourself), enter the gate of the Buddhist College, and take a seat on the hill not far away. The red house is in sight.

▲ Seda Wuming Buddhist College

In the evening, you can hike to the top of the Buddhist College, stand there to listen to the sound of the Sanskrit in the mountains, and wait quietly for the sunset. You can also shoot the night scene at the Buddhist College. At this time, only the words “shock” appear in front of your eyes, and you will not let you down. After returning to the night scene, return to Seda County.

▲ Seda Wuming Buddhist College

Guanyin Bridge
Seda Wuming Buddhist College→Wanda → Guanyin Bridge
Altitude change: 2500 ~ 3900 meters
Attractions: Prairie Soil, Wuming Buddhist College, Tianyintai, Tibetan Macaque Viewing Area, Guanyin Temple
Location: Guanyin Bridge
Travel time: 200km, about 5 hours

Overview of the itinerary: After getting out of the city in the morning, go to the Seda Grassland to see the plateau elves – the soil squirrels, and have plenty of time to visit Dongpu Temple. Later, at the Buddhist College, you can choose to study, listen to, and turn through the Buddhist College. You can also climb to the top of the mountain to enjoy.

After lunch, go to Guanyin Bridge. If the arrival time is early, you can go to the Guanyin Temple (tickets and transportation vehicles, and voluntarily take care of yourself).

▲ Seda Wuming Buddhist College

Guanyin Bridge→Zhuokeji Guanzhai→Taoping Village→Chengdu
Altitude change: 2600 ~ 580 meters
Attractions: Guanyin Temple, Xisuo Residence, Zhuokeji Guanzhai, Ganbao Tibetan Village, Taoping Village
Accommodation location: Chengdu scattered group
Travel time: 416km, about 10 hours

Overview of the itinerary: After breakfast in the morning, cross the shuttle mill valley and watch the beautiful canyon scenery along the way; after arriving in the Xisuo Village of Zhuokeji Town via Malcolm, visit the Jiarong Tibetan-style residence – Xisuo Dwelling (free), you can visit your own time. Dalun Temple, you can also visit Zhuo Keji Guanzhai (60 yuan in the peak season, voluntarily take care of yourself)

▲ Zhuo Keji Guanzhai
After Miyaluo, Zhili County Gulgou. Arrive at Gourd or Miyaro for lunch at noon. After lunch, go to Li County, take the Ganbao Tibetan Village, the millennium ancient Qianzhai Village – Taoping Village (free visit to Taoping Qianzhai Xinzhaizi), and then return to the Chengdu Mission in Wenchuan Dujiangyan to end the shocking Seda pilgrimage !

▲ Taoping Village

Special Note
The above itinerary is for reference only. Because of the particularity of the Tibetan area, in the specific implementation process, it may be because the road conditions or the weather will change the sightseeing order of the scenic spots without reducing the scenic spots. I hope to understand.