For many people, southern xinjiang is both familiar and strange, different from the scenery known by many people in the north, it seems to have been so tepid, for many people who travel to xinjiang for the first time, the beautiful scenery of northern xinjiang, is really a good choice. But southern xinjiang also has another kind of beauty!

There is Kashka, an old city comparable to Kashka in Morocco. “no visit to xinjiang is complete without Kashka”, which is the most unique paradise in China

There are mosques and the grand bazaar as well as in Turkey

It is home to China’s only small white town, ta county, where warm and beautiful tajiks live

Here is China’s most dangerous, most torture, the most magnificent china-pakistan friendship road – karakoram highway

Here is the most essence of the beautiful scenery of southern xinjiang, you can not imagine the plateau scenery, you usually do not contact the strong ethnic customs!

Ordinary people way: not to xinjiang, I do not know the size of China; Not to ili, I do not know the beauty of xinjiang. In fact, people gave too much praise to northern xinjiang, but often forget that southern xinjiang is full of amorous feelings.


“Pamirs” means “the roof of the world” in tajik. The snow mountains are in the distance, and the strange mountains and rocks are near. The feeling of primitive simplicity is even a little desolate.

Here is the intersection of Chinese and western culture, the five mountains here, Buddhism from the east into the middle earth, the ancient call not zhou mountain, green mountains, the silk road only barrier.

Pamirs, magnificent plateau scenery, lakes under glaciers, white desert, 1950s film location, eagle ethnic tajik, magnificent china-pakistan international highway.

The oldest glacier here, mustag peak, tells you that the amazing beauty, there is no aesthetic fatigue, fatigue is not enough beauty.

Kalakuli lake

Kalakuli lake is located at the foot of the mustag iceberg in the east of Pamirs. Surrounded by mountains, Kalakuli lake is rich in water and grass. Meet sunny weather, the water against the towering and mysterious mustag peak, lakes and mountains as a whole, white snow, landscape with color, the scenery is very charming.

Kuche grand canyon

Also known as the mysterious grand canyon of tianshan mountain, the total length of more than 5,000 meters, after billions of years of wind and rain erosion, mountain flood scour into, is China’s rare natural xinjiang scenic wonders.

Composed of huge red-brown mountain groups, uygur language called “kiziliya” (red cliff), is actually formed by hundreds of years of wind and rain erosion, mountain tortuous erosion, its elevation of more than 2,800 meters, is a more than 50 meters deep, long 5 km of ground cracks, with “mysterious canyon” and “devil canyon”. Kuqa grand canyon is one of the ten most beautiful canyons in China and has been listed as a national geological park.


“No visit to xinjiang without Kashka, no visit to the old city without Kashka”. Most of the buildings in the old city are full of islamic and uyghur customs, and the streets are crisscrossed with each other.

Walk into a street at random, there are innocent children playing, there are flowers on the balcony, the earth wall is covered with green, there are shops selling all kinds of exquisite handicrafts, let a person drunk hazy.

Luobu people village

One of the largest villages in western China. It belongs to qiongkule ranch, which is an xanadu inhabited by luo people. The village area covers taklamakan desert, swimming lakes, tarim river, original euphrate forest, grassland and luo people. The largest desert, the longest inland river, the largest green corridor and the silk road meet here, forming a natural landscape of golden quality.

The Mountain of Flames

Turpan’s most famous attractions, the impression of many people for it is from TV series “journey to the west”, in this case, we can see that the plaster sculpture wringer, ox demon king in the journey to the west could be seen of them, there are a great great thermometer won the guinness book of world records, the highest temperature can reach 83 degrees.


Karez is a special irrigation system in the desert area. It is called the three major ancient Chinese projects together with the Great Wall and the beijing-hangzhou grand canal.

Jiaohe city

Jiaohe old city is the largest, oldest and best-preserved city of raw earth buildings in the world, and also the most complete urban relic preserved in China for more than two thousand years. In 1961, it was listed as one of the key cultural relics under state protection.