The eight-day trip only cost 2880 yuan, including the contents

1. Tickets for potala palace, jokhang temple, basong cuo, yarlung zangbo grand canyon, kadinggou, namcuo, Yang lake.

2, pick up and drop off station, a few days of whole journey car, several scenic spots are separated relatively far, a walk for several hours.

3, 5 nights in Lhasa, 2 nights in nyingchi senior hotel.

4. Most meals these days.

5. Full-service consultant service fee.

The whole journey is very easy to play, semi-self-help travel, travel with a carpool, to the attractions to play their own.

Strategy work:

First, choose trains over planes.

It actually lands directly above 4,000 meters above sea level, just like the belly of a fish on the bottom of the sea explodes when it reaches the shore quickly. The rapid rise in altitude has a huge impact on the body, with 30 per cent being seriously affected and 5 per cent returning by air immediately. If you take the train for about 30 hours and the oxygen supply from the plateau aerobic train, the body will adjust to the plateau climate slowly, and you can also feel the scenery along the way. Because of this, people with a little health knowledge always choose train to enter Tibet and plane to leave Tibet, which makes train tickets very difficult to buy. It is more precious than gold to have a train ticket to Tibet.

Two, what items are you going to prepare?

1. There are some requirements for entering Tibet constitution. Firstly, I should make sure that my heart and lungs are ok.

2, headband 2, convenient change, Tibet plateau strong ultraviolet ray, can pack pack, pack good than sunscreen useful.

3. Mobile phone, earphone, charger, charger, camera, selfie stick.

4. Id card [this zui is important, planes, trains, hotels and scenic spots are all real-name system]

Third, schedule

D1, train arrived in Lhasa, master received us, asked us how to buy train tickets, hey hey…… I also want to thank meidu for booking the train tickets for us in advance, and it is still the lower bunk. I repeatedly stressed that I should not wash my hair and shower. After checking into the hotel, I slowly felt a little bit tired and felt a little bit tired.

D2, visited the palace [potala palace] at the highest altitude of zui in the world (there is one for 50 yuan), visited the ancient temple [jokhang temple] of zui in Lhasa, and visited the handmade market [bajiao street] with ethnic characteristics and exotic customs.

D3, leave nyingchi in the morning and visit basong cuo. (I went to nyingchi on this day, but relatively speaking, nyingchi is low in altitude, so the altitude sickness will be much weaker or even no. I returned to Lhasa three days later, and basically got used to the altitude sickness, which is why meiduo arranged this way).

D4, the yarlung zangbo grand canyon.

D5, kadinggou, taohua ditch, return to Lhasa.

D6, you can visit the zui high fresh water lake in the world and the yangzhuyong lake, which is reputed as the holy lake in heaven. The third holy lake in Tibet is not really blown. The water is as clear as sheep fat and the water is sweet. The blue lake and the snowy mountains in the distance are a whole body, together with various mountain ranges on both sides of the river, Tibetan ethnic villages with unique features, and cattle and sheep everywhere.

D7: go to namtso, the first holy lake of Tibet (4700 meters) in nagqu area, where the water and the sky are the same, and the blue lake is an integrated whole, completely shocked and purified by the strange lake and mountain scenery in front of you. The continuous nianqing tanggula snow mountain, the boundless northern Tibetan grassland, and the colorful prayer flags fluttering in the wind, all of these shocking beauty, do not want to leave. Along the way, you can also enjoy the main peak of the nyenching tangula mountains, which is 7,117 meters above sea level.

D8, have a rest in the morning, and then fly home from Lhasa, ending the pleasant journey.

Four, wonderful pictures

The potala palace limits the number of people to enter every day, resulting in a shortage of tickets. Many scalpers bid for more than 1,000 tickets.

In Lhasa, tibetans like to call the area of bajiao street, which is dominated by jokhang temple, “Lhasa”. You can also see worshippers at the entrance of jokhang temple, the scene is very touching, this shows the jokhang temple in the minds of Lhasa people’s high status, there are more people around the jokhang temple every day, many monks also around jokhang temple posture, to pass by the people singing sutra.

Bhalong street, also known as bajiao street, is an exotic handmade market

Basong cuo is the sacred lake of ningma school of Tibetan Buddhism

The deep canyon of zui in the world – yarlung zangbo grand canyon

The peach blossom in the nyingchi area is different from the peach blossom in the south of the Yangtze river. The light walnut tree body is tall, the life span can reach more than one thousand years. – peach flower festival

Naganla pass, 5,190 meters above sea level, is also sacred to tibetans.

Namtso is the second largest lake in Tibet and the third largest saltwater lake in China

Yamdrok lake, one of the three holy lakes in Tibet

Five, the experience of this trip to Tibet:

1. There are many scenic spots in Tibet, which are several hours’ drive away from each other. No matter you have been there for the first time or before, whether you plan to join a group or play by yourself, it is still necessary to find someone who is familiar with the local conditions. The traffic in Tibet is not developed, and the regular buses are few and in bad condition. Do not follow the group to suggest a car package or a car (self-driving friends attention, Tibet road unlimited speed limit time, not limit time by the minute fine, really less time to stop on the roadside and so on).

2. Due to the long journey time in Tibet, it is recommended to prepare some high-calorie foods such as chocolate and beef jerky.

3. Take adequate rest before entering Tibet, take plenty of rest when arriving at the plateau at the beginning, avoid strenuous exercise, no smoking and moderate diet.

4. Don’t trust local travel agencies that can’t afford train tickets and arrange flights to Tibet. According to airline insiders, there are fewer people coming to Tibet by air and more going out by air. Tickets to Tibet are super cheap. The cheap ticket to Lhasa from chongqing is only 80 yuan, while the train ticket costs more than 1,000 yuan. Therefore, many unscrupulous travel agencies will arrange customers to earn money by air on the excuse that they cannot buy train tickets.

5. Accommodation conditions in Tibet are not very good. Compared with other cities in the same star hotel, but the price is not low. But the basics — hygiene, safety, hot water — are fine. Simply put, you can only stay in a 3-star hotel in Tibet for the price of 4 stars.

6, with abdominal laxatives, high altitude, easy to accede to water and soil, water boil less than 100 degrees, do not do well easy to diarrhea. Wear headscarves, sunglasses, sunscreen, lip balm, etc.

7, bring good id card, no id card hotel, tickets, transportation are trouble.

Lhasa is very safe, there are many special police, you can travel with confidence.