There is a road in the southwest of China. No matter how many times you go, it will be deeply shocked by the beauty of the place. If you want to go again, this is the most beautiful road into Tibet [National Highway 318 Sichuan-Tibet Line].

In this country connecting Tianfu [Chengdu]

Driving on the road with the city of Nikko [Lhasa]

Crossing the vast grasslands

Over the magnificent mountains

After a picturesque Tibetan village

Go all the way, harvest the good scenery all the way

First, Kangding City
“On the hills of the horse-riding, a yo-yo cloud; the end of the slick photo, the city of Kangding yo,” a “Kangding love song” will sing Kangding in the north and south.

Second, Xinduqiao
Xinduqiao is known as a photographer’s paradise. Its beauty is definitely not in Xinduqiao Town itself, but it is in the scenic corridor of Xinduqiao, which is 2 kilometers west to the west and 10 kilometers along the line.

Third, Litang City
How many people who came to Tibet, seeing the Buddhist temple Tallinn, always remembered [Cangyang Gyatso] inadvertently, but probably many people outside the Tibetan area, do not know that Litang is the hometown of Tsangyang Gyatso?

Fourth, Minjiang River Canyon
The Minjiang River Gorge is known for its strange and dangerous conditions. This is not only because of its steep mountain and deep and narrow valleys, but also because of its rapid turbulence at the bottom of the valley, the sound of water and thunder, and the sound of waves are rare in the world.

Five. Ranwu Lake
Ranwu Lake is on National Highway 318. It can be said to be the pearl on the national road. The color of Wuhu Lake is very rich. The grassland, forest, autumn leaves and white waterfowl, and the colorful pebbles on the lakeshore shoal are fresh and mirror-like.

Sixth, come to ancient glaciers
Close to the Wuhu Lake is a masterpiece of nature (the ancient glacier), there is no shortage of magnificent glaciers in the southwest, but the ancient glaciers are more primitive than the Hailuogou glaciers, more magnificent than the Mingtong glaciers, and more snowy aura than the velvet glaciers.

Seven, Linzhi area
Linzhi is known as [Little Jiangnan of Tibet]. The Linzhi area is located in the east of Lhasa in southeastern Tibet. For those who have a high altitude response to Lhasa, it is recommended to go to the lowest altitude Nyingchi area to help ease the altitude sickness.

Eight, the Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon
The Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon has an average elevation of over 3,000 meters and a length of nearly 500 kilometers. It is the world’s largest canyon and was selected as the top ten most beautiful canyons in China by China National Geographic.

Nine, Ba Songcuo
Ba Songcuo means “green water” in Tibetan language. It is the famous Shenhu Lake of Red Religion. It has recently been promoted to a 5A-level scenic spot. Once it arrives at Ba Songcuo, it seems to have come to the paradise on earth.

Ten, Potala Palace
The Potala Palace, the highest and most majestic palace in the world, is the most important symbol of Lhasa and even Tibet. No matter how many times it has been in the Potala Palace, it is still as early as it was when it was first seen. Solemn and shocked.

Take a good time for the National Highway 318 Sichuan-Tibet line between April and November every year.